QR21517 - Senior Aeronautical Data Management Officer

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About the role::

Assigned to a role within either Aeronautical Information Management or Navigation Charting and Navigation Database team. Monitors tasks performed by Aeronautical Data Management Officer, ensures high work standard is maintained, provide mentoring and training, implements policies and operational plans as required. Supports the line managers in budget, project deployments and staffing matters.

Navigation Charting 

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of navigation charting products including terminal charts (paper and digital formats), Airport Map database (AMDB), en-route Moving Map database (EMM) and Airway textual manual (paper and digital format) 
  • Perform quality checks to ensure charting content(s) are in line with industry standards and Qatar Airways specification where published. 
  • Review and approve the weekly Navigation Chart amendments for use by pilots. 
  • Define, create and maintain tailored Navigation Chart(s). 
  • Analysis of supplier published alerts for operational impact. 
  • Create and maintain Company NOTAMs and Crew Alerts as required. 
  • Liaise with providers in the preparation of navigation product(s) and material(s) required to support flight operation activities. 
  • Ensure quality process is maintained throughout the charting process. 
  • Create and maintain working procedures for publishing in Section Manual. 
  • Conduct post flight analysis of pilot reports relating to navigation charting materials/software.

Navigation Databases ( NAVDB ) 

  • To manage the content of Navigation databases through defining geographical coverage and aerodrome selection. 
  • Supervise the distribution of Navigation Databases for each AIRAC cycle 
  • Monitor and analysis of aeronautical data changes. 
  • Perform quality checks to ensure Navigation Databases are provided in correct format, ensure content is coded as per industry standards. 
  • Ensure company data is coded correctly in navigation database by supplier based on company requirements. 
  • Review and analysis of supplier published alerts for operational impact. 
  • Create and maintain Company NOTAMs and Crew Alerts as required. 
  • Section Manual - Create and maintain working procedures used to support daily activity. 
  • Liaise with providers in preparation of Navigation Database requirements to support flight operation activities. 
  • Conduct post flight analysis of pilot reports relating to navigation databases.

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) 

  • Management of Aeronautical Publication Subscription services. 
  • Assess content and notification of Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) changes to end users(s). 
  • Conduct in-depth research on NOTAMs and AIP content. 
  • Filtering of NOTAMs from pilot briefing packages
  • Liaise with State authorities on queries regarding State publication(s) content i.e. NOTAMs AIPs. 
  • Create and maintain working procedures available in Section Manual used to support daily activities. 
  • Indirectly oversee Aeronautical Data Services Officers to ensure high quality of work is maintained. 
  • Perform other department duties related to his/her position as directed by the Head of the Department.
About You::



  • Relevant College or University qualification to min Bachelor's level or equivalent


  • A current holder or previously held a flight dispatcher license/certificate, related experience including Aeronautical Information Services Officer, licensed pilot or navigator.

Previous Experience:


  • Specialist - minimum 5 years of job-related experience required


  • Experience of working within an airline flight support role, i.e. navigation background, performance engineering, flight planning or flight dispatch.

Job Specific Skills:


  • Knowledge of Aeronautical Information Services activities. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of Navigation Charting product(s) and materials (digital and paper) along with usage of EFB ground viewers. 
  • Working with AIRINC 424 coding practices and usage of ground viewing tools. 
  • Experience in managing and handling aeronautical information such as NOTAMs and AIPs. 
  • Computer literate, knowledge of standard IT products, Microsoft word, excel, outlook. 
  • Command of English language.


  • Knowledge and understanding of AIS publications (AIPs and NOTAMs), navigation charting, i.e. Navigation charts, general aviation topics covering - Airspace, Navigation, Communication, Flight planning Air Traffic Service, Aerodrome operations and Aircraft performance. 
  • ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Procedures Design.
  • Understanding of Aerodrome Operating Minima (AOM) calculations, Instrument approaches procedures and related Navigation topics. 
  • Usage of FMS Navdb ground viewers i.e. ONENAV+ and NDBIT. 
  • Cartographic, geographic or information management field. 
  • Familiar with Regulatory bodies (EU-Ops/FAA) publications and both ICAO Docs and Annexes. 
  • Working knowledge and experience of applications related to managing large volumes of data.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of Highest Educational Certificate

29 July 2019
Location: Qatar Doha
Work type:
Full time
PLEASE! No enquiries from Recruitment Agencies or Headhunters.

Only direct applications will be considered.

This career opportunity is no longer open.
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